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Blender 2.8 Released!

The latest update to the boundary-pushing 3D creation and animation software is finally here! 4 years in the making and thanks to an active community of contributors, this Open Source software is ready for anyone who wants it. We put together this short video to celebrate some of the new features we’re most excited about! 

Twitch | Samsung Mobile Heroes

Echo Tango partnered with Twitch and Samsung to remote direct, capture and edit content from eight streamers as they showcase the latest in mobile gaming with their Galaxy devices.

BCBSLA | Member Story

We had the privilege of telling Mr. Jimmy’s story as a longform docu-style mixed with animation.

Twitch | Coca-Cola: Welcome to the Party

In collaboration with Twitch, Echo Tango created content for Coca-Cola to welcome streamers to the party when they made Twitch partner. Services included design of the campaign logo and illustrative elements, pre-production, remote directing, editing and animation.

DCFS | Safe Haven

We were given the challenge of telling an emotionally charged story.

Ad Council | The Mask is My Cheat Code

Twitch and Ad Council teamed up to present this partnership video, to promote COVID-19 awareness and mask usage amongst the American youthful gaming demographic.  


Showing is better than telling…

Water Campus

The Water Campus video was built with Baton Rouge Area Foundation and its real estate development firm, Commercial Properties Realty Trust…


Epic. Over-the-top. #JobLove is part of our Louisiana Job Connection Campaign.

Trending Now | BR Film

For the Film Commission’s 2018 campaign we created a series of fictitious movies, each highlighting a unique incentive for filming in