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Story-Plus-Teller:: Fullness Farm

I met Grant and Allison years ago when they were in high school. I was Grant’s soccer coach. No matter what we were doing in training, he was all in. The kind to not be rattled by a challenge and found pride in putting in the work. I could see from an early age that… Read more »

Story-Plus-Teller:: Emilie Eats

As a storyteller, I’m always seeking honesty in my subjects, and when I met Emilie I knew immediately we’d work together. Emilie Hebert has dedicated herself to helping people fall in love with plant-based food and sustainable eating. Emilie Eats, her blog that was started in 2015, focuses on simple recipes that make healthy eating… Read more »

Story-Plus-Teller:: Mimosa Handcrafted

Every piece of art tells a story. People tend to miss a lot of details surrounding them. People are busy… they’re distracted. It is hard to gain their attention. It’s not often when you can look at someone’s work and see their soul in it. I love that every cut and every cast tell a… Read more »

Story-Plus-Teller:: Adam Dollar$

Adam was brought to our attention by TMZ’s Van Lathan. It was a pretty simple intro… “Tommy, if you haven’t heard Adam Dollar$, you should stop what you are doing right now, and go look him up.” So I looked him up, heard the track “kobe” and was like “There is no way this is… Read more »

Twitch | Samsung Mobile Heroes

Echo Tango partnered with Twitch and Samsung to remote direct, capture and edit content from eight streamers as they showcase the latest in mobile gaming with their Galaxy devices.

BCBSLA | Member Story

We had the privilege of telling Mr. Jimmy’s story as a longform docu-style mixed with animation.

Walk-On’s | Coke Zero Sugar+NASCAR

Walk-On’s and Coke Zero Sugar teamed up to send one lucky guest to Daytona for NASCAR Fan’s Dream Experience! The Untouchable Ticket campaign video gave Echo Tango a chance to flex their creative skills building props and costumes to go with the theme.

LWCC | Louisiana Loyal

Louisiana Loyal is a mantra and movement launched by LWCC. It inspires us to be a catalyst in elevating our state and helping Louisiana thrive.

Ad Council | The Mask is My Cheat Code

Twitch and Ad Council teamed up to present this partnership video, to promote COVID-19 awareness and mask usage amongst the American youthful gaming demographic.  

Yellow Rose Whiskey

Honoring the Legend of Emily West, the Yellow Rose of Texas.

BCBSLA | Thought Leader Series

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana brought us in to produce a Thought Leadership Series. Follow the stories of the movers and shakers of Blue Cross as they share their vision for the future.


Showing is better than telling…

Don’t call it a Comeback… Story

The “Come Home Louisiana” campaign fed a larger purpose, driving traffic to the Louisiana Job Connection website. Along with Louisiana Economic Development, 

Water Campus

The Water Campus video was built with Baton Rouge Area Foundation and its real estate development firm, Commercial Properties Realty Trust…


Epic. Over-the-top. #JobLove is part of our Louisiana Job Connection Campaign.

Growing Up Cajun

Now you know, dem Cajuns are gonna cook; and they mine as well do a cookbook and a cooking show too, Sha. I had a good time working on this one, me.

Shorelight | Student Stories

Shorelight Education provides a path for international students to study in the US at the college of their choice.

Trending Now | BR Film

For the Film Commission’s 2018 campaign we created a series of fictitious movies, each highlighting a unique incentive for filming in