Story-Plus-Teller:: Fullness Farm

I met Grant and Allison years ago when they were in high school. I was Grant’s soccer coach. No matter what we were doing in training, he was all in. The kind to not be rattled by a challenge and found pride in putting in the work. I could see from an early age that this kid had drive and determination. So, when I ran into him years later and found out that he started his own produce farm in Baton Rouge, it wasn’t really a surprise to me.
I was drawn to their story initially because I was a customer. I would see them weekly. We would briefly catch up on life. They would tell me about the produce and how they grew it. And every time as we parted ways, it would end with an invite to come out to the farm and check it out.
When I finally took him up on the offer I was not prepared for how it would strike me. Their farm was beautiful and they lived in a little cottage right in the middle of it. We walked around talking about their operations and the day-to-day grind of doing what they do. But what I really saw that day was their partnership. The way they set out to make a life, together in every possible way.

As told by Fred Mince, Director

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Director: Fred Mince
Director of Photography: Fred Mince
Editor: Jordan Peck
Title Design: Andy Lemoine
Creative Director: Erick Martin
Story Producer: Tommy Talley