Story-Plus-Teller:: Mimosa Handcrafted

Every piece of art tells a story. People tend to miss a lot of details surrounding them. People are busy… they’re distracted. It is hard to gain their attention. It’s not often when you can look at someone’s work and see their soul in it. I love that every cut and every cast tell a story. A bit of heart, a bit of thought surrounding every space and display. Every little element has a purpose, starts a conversation, a way to catch a glimpse into someone’s story and soul. I wanted to explore a fraction of the details that Madeline and Dawson put into Mimosa Handcrafted.

As told by Director, Jordan Lewis

STORY + TELLER :: MIMOSA HANDCRAFTED from Echo Tango on Vimeo.

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Director: Jordan Lewis
Director of Photography: Fred Mince
Title Design: Andy Lemoine
Creative Director: Erick Martin
Story Producer: Tommy Talley