Story-Plus-Teller:: Emilie Eats

As a storyteller, I’m always seeking honesty in my subjects, and when I met Emilie I knew immediately we’d work together. Emilie Hebert has dedicated herself to helping people fall in love with plant-based food and sustainable eating. Emilie Eats, her blog that was started in 2015, focuses on simple recipes that make healthy eating accessible to everyone. Please check out her story and follow her journey.

As told by Jordan P. Anderson, Director

STORY + TELLER :: EMILIE EATS from Echo Tango on Vimeo.

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Director: Jordan P. Anderson
Director of Photography: Lawles Bourque, III
Editor: Jordan Peck
Title Design: Andy Lemoine
Creative Director: Erick Martin
Producer: Jordan Lewis
Executive Producer: Tommy Talley