Is your TV over your fireplace?

Being a TV guy carries conversation points that are going to simply be part of my life going forward. For example, “Tommy, What shows are you currently watching? What would you recommend?” Or, “Tommy, what did you think of (enter movie here)?” These are all understandable questions, I’m an expert in my field, and you want me to validate your choices. So as you seek comfort and validation, let me ask you one in return…”Is your TV over your fireplace?” Odds are it is, and it’s annoying AF. AF, I say!

I’m not sure when home builders started going… “So, the fireplace was the center of the family room, and now that the TV is the center of the family room, and now that TVs are sooooooo slim, why don’t we just mash them together?”

It might be the most offensive thing I see when I walk into friends’ homes. Seriously, don’t dust, don’t sweep, leave a few dishes in the sink…But get that damn TV down from the fireplace!

Eye level is the perfect viewing angle, which is why everybody avoids the front row of a movie theatre…also, it’s painful.

So as a creative, let me call out my fellow creatives who design spaces. Please stop being lazy, the TV does not belong over a fireplace, it’s a cheap bailout that should be non-negotiable.